Friday, October 12, 2012

Wood Peckers Damaging Siding

Woodpeckers Damaging Siding


There are many reasons why woodpeckers select siding to peck including attracting a mate, defending a territory, looking for a place to build nests or to search and find insects.  Woodpeckers tend to love cedar, rough pine, red wood, plywood, Masonite,  and synthetic siding.  It is important that you deal with woodpecker issues quickly  because woodpeckers are hard to deter once they develop a pattern.  Woodpeckers are protected by the state and federal government and cannot be killed or trapped.  It is important to try a variety of techniques to help them move to a new pecking place. Here are some suggestions:

1.       Fix the area that has been destroyed by the bird.

2.       Repair holes with aluminum flashing or metal sheathing painted the same color as the home.

3.       Bang pots and pans or other loud noises that startle the birds

4.       Hang metallic objects, balloons or small mirrors near drumming sites

5.       Use caulk around the grooves where insects hide

6.       Purchase wood preservatives that kill insects and taste bad to the pecker

7.       Create a nesting area somewhere else in your yard and provide food for the wood pecker

It is important that you take action before the woodpecker has done significant damage to your siding.  If you need to have your siding repaired, Midwest Gutter and Siding will provide a free no obligation consultation.  Please contact Dan Mack at 763-550-1685 and we can help you fix the damage.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are a wonderful addition to any home, adding beauty and setting your home apart from others in your neighborhood. In addition, they are durable, eco-friendly, recyclable, virtually maintenance free, and offer many designs and styles.  Investing in copper gutters will add value and ‘old world charm’ to your home.
Midwest Gutter and Siding offers traditional ‘K’ style copper gutters and half round copper gutters with soldered joints.  Call Dan Mack at 763-550-1685 for a free no obligation quote or find us on the web at

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Curb Appeal

The first impression of your home is very important especially when you decide to sell your house.  The average family spends at least 10 years in a home.  Why not enjoy the curb appeal of your home while you are living there?  There are many ways to improve the curb appeal of your home:

·         Replace dated siding with new vinyl siding, steel siding, or fiberboard siding

·         Install a new roof

·         Paint your front door

·         Replace painted brick exteriors with veneer stone products

·         Replace old drafty windows with some of the beautiful window products now on the market

·         Use decorative trim around windows or change the color of your shutters

·         Add columns or other dramatic features to Ramblers and Two story homes

·         Trim overgrown shrubbery or replace it with new landscape

·         Replace your front door and screen door with some of the new energy efficient products available today

·         Replace your old mailbox with a new decorative style

 Our sales professionals at Midwest Gutter & Siding are experts on exterior home restoration.  We would love to meet with you help you update the exterior of your home by providing a free in home consultation. Call us at 763-550-1685 or check us out at

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Clean gutters and have them inspected!
Debris clogging your gutters can create many issues with your home including: damage to siding, rotting fascia boards, water intrusion, landscape erosion, and excessive weight build up in your gutters causing them to tear away from your home.  Clean your gutters in the spring and fall and don’t let leaves and other debris accumulate in the down spouts. Check your gutters often to ensure water is flowing freely and is running away from your home. Leaf protection systems are your best defense against clogged gutters.  Midwest Leaf protection systems are essential for maintaining and preserving your gutters by preventing leaves, pine needles, seeds and debris from clogging your gutters.

Midwest Gutter and Siding offers the following leaf protection systems:
  • Leafproof
  • UltraFlo
  • Leaf Relief
Contact Midwest Gutter & Siding for a free no-obligation inspection today at 763-550-1685 or find us on the web at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Storm Damage to your home.

The storm has blown over and now it is time to determine if your home has sustained any damage.  Here are the steps you need to take…..

·         Interior :

o   Check ceilings and walls for water stains

o   Check floors and basements for pools of standing water

o   Check air-conditioning/ furnace area for water

·         Exterior:

o   Check gutters, down spouts, and siding for signs of hail damage

o   Check your roof for damaged or missing shingles

o   Check windows and screens for hail damage

If you or someone you know has storm damage, call us FIRST! After a storm often there will be a swarm of out-of-town contractors in the area that set up shop at local hotels and such. Make sure you research your contractor before signing anything. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and testimonials. Also, the BBB is a great source for researching contractor. Consider a local contractor with a solid track record like Midwest Gutter & Siding, Inc. We pride ourselves as BBB Accredited with an “A+” rating!

Call Midwest Gutter and Siding at 763-550-1685 so we can perform a complete inspection of the exterior of your home to check for storm damage. If damage is found we can meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure all damage is identified.  Check us out on the web at:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gutter Flashing

Gutter flashing is a waterproofing material that is installed just beneath the roof line inside the gutter.  This material is important because it stops water from seeping into your home.  Because flashing is bent at an angle, it diverts the water into the gutter and keeps the fascia dry.  Some contractors cut costs and are not installing gutter flashing on their projects.  Although their price may be less due to this shortcut, your home has an elevated risk of water intrusion if flashing was not installed.  Midwest Gutter & Siding uses gutter flashing on all of its projects whenever possible.  It is important to us that your home has the very best protection from water intrusion. Let us help with your exterior home projects. Call Dan at 763-550-1685 for a no obligation consultation or find us on the web at

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gutter protection systems by Midwest Gutter and Siding, Inc.

Spring and fall are the perfect time to add leaf guard gutter- protection systems to your home.  Springtime is especially hard on gutters and down spouts because seed pods rain down on your roof and get trapped in your gutters and down spouts.  Leaf protection systems provide the extra protection your gutters and down spouts need to be prepared for the Minnesota rainy season.   When gutters and downspouts become clogged, water runs over your gutters and has the risk of seeping into your basement and crawl spaces causing mold and serious damage to your home.   Prevent water damage to your home by having Midwest Gutter and Siding install state of the art gutter protection systems to your home.  Our trained specialist will be happy assess your project and make recommendations  on what types of gutter protection will work best on your home and  show you samples of all of our leaf guard protection systems.

 Contact Dan at 763-550-1685 or visit us on the web at