Friday, October 12, 2012

Wood Peckers Damaging Siding

Woodpeckers Damaging Siding


There are many reasons why woodpeckers select siding to peck including attracting a mate, defending a territory, looking for a place to build nests or to search and find insects.  Woodpeckers tend to love cedar, rough pine, red wood, plywood, Masonite,  and synthetic siding.  It is important that you deal with woodpecker issues quickly  because woodpeckers are hard to deter once they develop a pattern.  Woodpeckers are protected by the state and federal government and cannot be killed or trapped.  It is important to try a variety of techniques to help them move to a new pecking place. Here are some suggestions:

1.       Fix the area that has been destroyed by the bird.

2.       Repair holes with aluminum flashing or metal sheathing painted the same color as the home.

3.       Bang pots and pans or other loud noises that startle the birds

4.       Hang metallic objects, balloons or small mirrors near drumming sites

5.       Use caulk around the grooves where insects hide

6.       Purchase wood preservatives that kill insects and taste bad to the pecker

7.       Create a nesting area somewhere else in your yard and provide food for the wood pecker

It is important that you take action before the woodpecker has done significant damage to your siding.  If you need to have your siding repaired, Midwest Gutter and Siding will provide a free no obligation consultation.  Please contact Dan Mack at 763-550-1685 and we can help you fix the damage.